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Typeface for a history teacher

Teacher, avid fisherman, bird enthusiast, baseball player, coach, life guard, soldier, Great War historian, Rupert Brooke aficionado, Mr. Chips successor, gentleman, Paul Robeson fan, organizer extraordinaire, quoter of Latin, humorist, collector, faithful correspondent, unusual individual, nice guy.


8.00 AM / 15.00 PM


RV.PAPERS #09: 8.00 AM / 15.00 PM

Printed in a limited numbered edition of 100, an artzine curated for RV.PAPERS with the artist Luis Urculo.

8.00 AM / 15.00 PM explores the physical structure of printed matter. The title represents the time difference between Mexico City and Madrid, the two places where Urculo lives. Urculo uses the publication’s construction as a physical manifestation of the temporal divide between the two cities. Objects are bent, mirrored, broken, or otherwise altered by passing through the center of each spread— breaking the illusion of synchronous existence.

Minimalist graffiti, east side

minimalist graffiti, east side

These bored him.

Kress in Egypt
From Self-Portrait with Donors: Confessions of an Art Collector, by John Walker


RV.PapersEdited and translated into English: synopses and information for RV.PAPERS, a curated Spanish artzine.

The pleasures of retrospective cataloging

un caballero por Rivero Gil
Rivero Gil illustration in La Maldita Carne by Fernando Mora. Madrid, 1924.

El valor del libro inútil: The value of the useless book

From the creator of El Naufraguito, a letter-press edition of 81 published in 1983.
La verdad no existe (existes)

Türk kahvesi. Or, turecká káva.

nazar boncuk a?ac?
nazar boncuk ağacı, a Turkish recipe blog based in Slovakia, is using this sketchbook drawing of nazar boncuğu for its header at the moment.

Ďakujem and teşekkür ederim, Elena.

From above

Venezia dall'alto, I camini
Venezia dall’alto [Venice from above]. 1892.

Studio de G.M. Urbani de Gheltof e 320 disegni di Luigi Lanza.