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Les Coquecigrues

From the printed cotton textile (vers 1793) featured in the exhibition catalog for Les Indiennes de la Manufacture Oberkampf de Jouy-en-Josas at the Musée Oberkampf, 2 October 1982–4 January 1983.

On the backs of checkout slips from the Casa de España library. (more…)

The crookedest line

Mt. Tamalpais railroad
As featured in a tri-fold pamphlet for tourists.

The pamphlet is not dated, but was likely produced earlier than this 16-panel brochure [ca. 1913], which uses a similar graphic.

Laundry Classification

Laundry Classification
Gents Dresses, Safari Suit, Turban…

Pluja, de Vermicelli

Pluja, de vermicelli
Brossa hung sheets of paper outside in the in the rain. He later folded the dried and wrinkled pages and bound them with blue paper.

The edible version consists of sheets of sheets of vermicelli paper individually soaked and hung to dry. The cover is colored with red cabbage and baking soda. [International Edible Book Festival, local edition]

Bells: No. 161N

Bells No. 161N

Bee’s Circulating Library: Cigars — Candy

Bee's Circulating Library
From inside a recent library discard.

Including “Creative Art”

Including "Creative Art"
From the library discard bin find.

From the Department of Practical Nostalgia

From the Department of Practical Nostalgia
Perforated notepads made from parking lot tickets, collected late nineties – early noughties.

Quotidian Notions

Cynthia Mending Wool Card

Wilshire Darning Wool Card

Good teeth can be planned.

Good Teeth At All Ages
Earnestly informative insurance pamphlet about dental hygiene. 1940s?

A Full Set Of Lifetime Teeth